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Muscle Motors Auto Sales - Reno
9501 S Virginia St
Reno, NV 89511
Phone: (775) 851-4488 

Whether you're looking to purchase a quality pre-owned car in Reno or a quality pre-owned truck in Reno, you can always count on us for the lowest prices. We offer a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from from sports cars, muscle cars, Subarus and also we have a tire shop! Come visit us and see why we are different!


Why you need to buy your next Used Cars Reno from Muscle Motors

When it’s about time to buy your next car whether it’s new or used it’s always best to check out Muscle Motors in Reno Nevada. Many times it’s best to buy a used car over a new car for many reasons, the main one being that you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars. Because we are a used car dealer that takes pride in its customer service we strive to make your car buying experience the best that you have ever had. But why should you buy from Muscle Motors in Reno?

Reno Used Car Dealerships

Muscle Motors Reno is a trusted and reputable used car dealer serving all the cities near Reno Nevada. We cater to anyone looking for a great car at an even greater price. We really do offer the best deals in and around town! With so many other used car dealers selling used cars Reno, it’s best to go to a dealer that you can trust and is not just there to make a sale. When you visit our dealer you can expect a professional yet friendly environment.

Here at Muscle Motors we deeply care about our reputation and that means we do what we can to make sure that when you leave our used car dealer that you leave with a smile knowing that you got the best deal and car for your money. We are constantly working to make sure that you will recommend us to your friends and family when they too need to buy a car. We want to help them out too!

Besides the fact that we provide awesome customer service, we also offer awesome cars that are both safe and reliable. We would never want to sell you a piece of junk. All our cars are inspected before we even sell them to you. To find your perfect car or truck or even SUV please visit Muscle Motors in Reno! We promise that you won’t regret buying from us!

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