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Muscle Motors Auto Sales - Reno
9501 S Virginia St Reno, NV 89511
Phone: (775) 851-4488 URL of Map
Whether you're looking to purchase a quality pre-owned car in Reno or a quality pre-owned truck in Reno, you can always count on us for the lowest prices. We offer a wide range of vehicles for you to choose from! Come visit us and see why we are different!

Why You Should Buy Used Cars Reno from Muscle Motors
It’s always a good idea to purchase a used car. You’re guaranteed of reduced tax rates from the transaction, a better car than the cheapest in the market and, of course, relatively affordable prices. While you can access auto loans to purchase a used car of your choice, it’s often prudent to buy from an authorized, licensed dealership such as Muscle Motors – a used cars Reno based dealership and perhaps the best in the small of the city.
Why? You’re certain it will be there tomorrow and the day after. Muscle Motors is an approved used cars Reno based dealership. It’s licensed and operating legally. Come Christmas or another ordinary day, the dealership is always there at your service. You’re sure to find them in case you need to bring the management to task over an anomaly in your newly bought used car. Illegal car dealerships, however, pack and vanish into thin air and leave no contacts. Be wary of those.
Muscle Motors also care about reputation. They guard their character. They put more value in wining trust of their clientele, which is an integral factor to this quality used cars Reno based dealership. That’s because they are working on building a reliable business, a dependable go to dealership where would-be buyers’ opinion matters or counts. And since Muscle Motors cares, they often find practical solutions to your complaints – all the more reason to buy from them.
So you like refurbished cars. The used cars dealership that is Muscle Motors offers you a chance to purchase used cars that are refurbished. Being an authorized dealership, they are allowed by law to sell used refurbished vehicles. Are refurbished cars any different? Indeed. These are cars that are taken, repaired and tweaked to your liking for excellent performance. Put another way, they’re the best option, better on the road even. And you can buy them from Muscles Motors.
Also, used cars Reno based dealership, Muscle Motors, is as genuine as they come. You can trust them any day under the Nevada sun seeing that they are authorized, and all their cars are legitimate. Not stolen. The good thing about purchasing used cars from a genuine dealership, you are guaranteed peace of mind and good value for your money. Then again, you are confident that the cars on display are not stolen but have the right papers.
If you are really looking to purchase a used car in Reno, ensure to limit your options to Muscles Motors. The dealership is not just dependable; you can also get back if you have a bone to pick with them or better yet if your car develops a minor or major problem along the way.